Commercialized Pipe Fabrication Service

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Commercialized Pipe Fabrication Service


With our own fixed-type or transportable-type pipe fabrication production line, we can offer commercialized pipe fabrication service.

We can help clients finish pipe fabrication work, according to the pipe material and drawing provided by the client. Up on request, we can also help clients to purchase the pipe material.

When there is no pipe fabrication plant within 500km range of the project side, we will offer on-site pipe fabrication service by adopting our transportable type pipe fabrication production lines.

1. To design the detail drawing using the Pipe Fabrication Design Software
2. To offer the pipe fabrication process management using the Pipe Fabrication and Installation Management Software
3. To cut bevels using semi-automatic, automatic, or mechanical methods
4. To fit-up pipes using pipe fabrication fast fitting-up machines
5. To process root pass welding by manual GTAW/TIG welding methods, or automatic root pass welding by automatic pipe root pass welding machine
6. To offer filling and cosmetic welding using automatic pipe welding machines
7. To feed and unload pipe materials using the heavy duty rail conveying system
8. To convey straight pipes using the light duty rail conveying system

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