Orbital Pipe Cutting and Bevelling Machine

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Orbital Pipe Cutting and Bevelling Machine

Model: PECBM-03Aa/06Aa/12Aa/18Aa/24Aa/30Aa/36Aa/42Aa/46Aa /52Aa/60Aa

Performance Features
1. The orbital pipe cutting and beveling machine usually works independently.
2. Beveling Capacity: ≤8Min / bevel (DN200 SCH40)
3. We recommend using band saw or other pipe cutting equipment to cut off the pipe before bevel cutting.
4. Offering good bevel cutting quality, the machine also has good mobility.
5. The opposite split type orbital track mounted outside of the pipe; manual and rapid screw centering; automatic feed; cutting and beveling in the middle with white steel blade; cold cutting without coolant; three driving modes: pneumatic, electrical and hydraulic; applicable for installation or inspection of small volume of pipe beveling in field.

The orbital pipe cutting and beveling machine is ideal for V shaped bevel cutting for pipes, and it can also be used for small quantity pipe cutting. It is applicable for pipes made of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and cryogenic steel.

Technical Specifications
1. Applicable pipe diameter: Φ10-80/65-150/150-300/300-450/450-600/600-750 /750-900/900-1050/1010-1160/1150-1300/1350-1500
2. Applicable pipe wall thickness:≤25mm (electrical and pneumatic types); ≤60mm (hydraulic and CNC types)
3. Bevel shape: V shaped
4. Revolution speed: 5r/min, 5r/min, 5r/min, 5r/min, 6r/min, 7r/min, 8r/min, 10r/min, 13r/min, 16r/min, 20r/min
5. Drive system: electric motor, pneumatic, hydraulic and CNC drive systems are all available.
6. Clamping system: multi-blade orbital track; workpieces are clamped and fixed with screws

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