Portable Pipe Bevelling Machine

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Portable Pipe Bevelling Machine

Model: MPEBM-60A2/60A1/52A2/52A1/42A2/42A1/34A2/34A1/30A2/30A1/

Performance Features and Functions
1. Beveling Capacity: ≤6Min / bevel (DN200 SCH40)
2. Before cut bevels using this portable type beveling machine, the pipe end should be cut by band saw or other types of pipe cutters.
3. The machine offers high bevel cutting quality and very good mobility.
4. It provides an ideal solution for I shaped and V shaped bevel cutting for small quantity common pipes. The pipe material can be carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and cryogenic steel.

Technical Specifications
1. Pipe diameters: φ1270-1500/φ1270-1500/φ1030-1300/φ1030-1300/φ820-1050/φ820-1050/φ600-850/φ600-850/φ500-750/φ500-750/φ300-600/φ300-600/φ150-330/φ150-330/φ80-240/φ80-240/φ65-159/φ28-76/φ16-28 (mm)
2. Pipe wall thickness: 75/15/75/15/75/15/75/15/75/15/75/20/75/20/75/20/20/15/15(mm)
3. Bevel shape: I or V
4. Structure type: II type/Y type/II type/Y type/ II type/Y type/II type/Y type/ II type/Y type/II type/Y type/II type/Y type/II type/Y type /Y type/T type/ T type
5. Clamping system: After quick expanding of the system, the workpiece is automatically positioned.
6. Drive system: electric motor, hydraulic motor, or pneumatically drive system

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