Pipe Conveying System for Cutting Machine

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Pipe Conveying System for Cutting Machine

Model: PLTPS-24D1/D2

1. The pipe conveying system for cutting machine conveys the pipe automatically or manually when the bevel cutting machine works and the pipe can be removed from the machine with a turnover mechanism if necessary.
2. It increases the automatization level in the pipe fabricating plant and decreases the hazards during hoisting.

Technical Parameters of the Pipe Conveying System for Beveling Machine
Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN50~600(φ60~610)
Conveying Length: Feed in end ≥1,000MM; feed out end ≥500MM
Line Length: 7.5M at feed in end and 7.5M at feed out end (or depending on situation)
Line Height: 800MM
Material of the Roller Bench: Carbon steel with blue treated surface (coated with rubber if necessary)
Conveying Speed: 2~20M/Min
Speed Regulation Mode: Manual/VF stepless speed adjustment
Control System: Manual/PLC control, shared with the pipe cutting length fixing system (or depending on the situation)
Turnover Mechanism: Nil (or depending on the situation)
Lifting System: A lifting system could be equipped if required to adjust the center elevation of pipes automatically and to bevel pipes of different diameters

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