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Pipe Prefabrication Conveying System

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Pipe Prefabrication Conveying System

Model: PPLTS-01T1/T2;PPHTS-10T1/T2

1. The pipe prefabrication conveying system conveys the pipe or spool piece automatically between each work stage and workstation and the pipe can be removed from the machine with a turnover mechanism if necessary.
2. It increases the automatization level in the pipe fabricating plant and decreases the hazards during hoisting.

Technical Parameters of the Pipe Prefabrication Conveying System
Pipe Diameter Applicable: DN50~600(φ60~610)
Conveying length: ≤12000mm (or depending on customers' requirements)
Line length: 50M (or depending on the situation)
Line Height: 800MM
Conveying Speed: 2~20M/Min
Conveying Way: The carriage movement along on the rail and conveying automatically
Driven System: Drive by storage battery AC motor
Control System: Wire control/wireless remote control
Loading Weight: 1/10T

Qianshan is a specialized pipe prefabrication conveying system manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our primary products include pipe fabrication production line, high speed pipe cutting and beveling machine, piping fabrication fast fitting-up machine, pipe automatic welding machine, and more.

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